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Songs and Chants

byBrian Corey
  • M-I-A-M-I

    Men have lived and men have died
    Dreaming of a team to pride
    We toast the sun – we thank our stars
    That we have this team of ours
    Good or bad – they hold our fate
    With feet so strong they devastate
    We Praise we pray for the great…

    (Chorus Repeat 3 Times)
    What a fan of fans am I
    Upper 90 in the net
    MIA’s the safest BetMen have lived and men have died

  • We Love Ya

    We love ya’, we love ya’, we love ya’
    And where you go
    we’ll follow, we’ll follow, we’ll follow
    Cause we support
    Miami, Miami , Miami
    And that’s the way we
    Like it, we like it, we like it
    Oh woh, oh woh, oh woh

  • Vamos Miami

    Vamos, vamos, Miami
    Esta noche, tenemos que ganar

  • Everywhere We Go

    Everywhere we go
    People want to know
    Who we are
    So we tell them
    We are The Legion
    The Might Southern Legion

  • There's Only One David Beckham

    There’s Only One David Beckham (To the rhythm of the Guantanamera Cuban song)


    Mickey Mouse


  • You're a Small Club

    You’re a small club after all
    You’re a small club after all
    You’re a small club after all
    You’re a small, small, club