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Miami-Dade County Planning to Extend MetroMover Loop to MLS/UM Joint Stadium Site

Miami-Dade County Planning to Extend MetroMover Loop to MLS/UM Joint Stadium Site

June 10, 2015 byAdmin
Miami-Dade County Commissioners are close to releasing a plan to extend a MetroMover loop from Government Center in the heart of Downtown Miami to a potential shared stadium for UM/MLS at the Former Orange Bowl site. The mover would allow MLS Miami fans to board the train from their favorite soccer bars in Downtown before the game and allow UM students the ability to board and attend games from stations near their college campus. These plans are in the preliminary phases but have huge support from the community and Miami-Dade County Commission – according to the plans creator – Commissioner Bruno Barreiro.

Though the plans are in preliminary phases, we know it would include a light rail loop from Government Center in Downtown Miami. The loop would go directly west from Government Center then turn north to dock between Marlins Stadium and the UM/MLS shared stadium. Loops have recently been built in Downtown to the Omni area and Brickell that have been very successful.

MLS and UM are currently ironing out the details for a plan to build a 40,000-seat stadium on the former Orange Bowl site. UM officials including Donna Shalala met with David Beckham, Marcelo Claure, Simon Fuller and MLS Commissioner Don Garber two weeks ago to discuss the partnership. The negotiations went well and plans have since moved forward. We are expecting to hear plans for a stadium and MetroMover in the next couple weeks.

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This is a conceptual design and not the official plan

alex December 15, 2017