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Five Reasons Everyone Should Support Beckham’s Overtown Soccer Stadium

Five Reasons Everyone Should Support Beckham’s Overtown Soccer Stadium

January 27, 2016 byAdmin
It’s been a turbulent two-years following and supporting Miami Beckham United’s quest for a stadium site in the city of Miami. But now that we are closer than ever to finding a viable location, here is a list of five reasons everyone should support the proposed stadium location in Overtown.

#1 – The Stadium is Privately Funded. Every facet from the land it sits on to the pipes and electrical wires that lead into it all the way down to the physical structure will be privately financed. $250 Million dollars will be invested in the infrastructure and even more in the eight acres of land. This not only benefits residents of Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami by offering an amenity that did not previously exist, but mitigates risk as investment from the public is approximately $0. 

#2 – The Team Won’t Build Parking Garages. While this may not seem like a major benefit, to the people of this community, not having parking garages is a blessing. The stadium already is a large structure that will likely be activated only 17-25 days a year, hulking parking garages would increase the square footage of that inactivity. Furthermore, having a structure that requires our community to grow up from its car-centric ways – again at no cost or risk to Miami-Dade County residents- is an objectively good thing. 

#3 – No Tax Breaks or Subsidies. Believe it or not, large companies can pay taxes. The Miami MLS team will not only provide world-class entertainment, it will also pay its fair share of taxes. In fact, it will be the only team in the city of Miami to do so. Even if you are not a soccer fan, you have to appreciate the fact that this business is willing to contribute and pay its dues to in the community by which it resides.

#4 – The Investment Team is Awesome. Beyond the beautiful stadium, entertaining matches and opportunities for global branding – this team has a stellar group of investors. From one of the most famous athletes in history David Beckham to local Billionaire Marcelo Claure, the product this group produces will be unlike anything the city has seen. Brand Beckham will become associated with Miami and Miami will become associated with brand Beckham. If our goal is to become a global city, what better spokesman than David Beckham. 

#5 – The Community Needs this Kind of Project. Not only in the Overtown community but also the City of Miami. Overtown could really use a project like this that creates jobs – both entry level and advanced.  The City of Miami has an identity crisis. Miami recent history includes waves of influence from the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Eurasia. This cornucopia of culture creates vibrancy, but lacks continuity. A language we can all speak is soccer and a brand we can get behind is Beckham.

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